Privacy Policy

Pegasus eFoil (hereafter referred as “We” or “Us”) operated by 7M ENGINEERING PTE. LTD. (Corporate Registration Number in Singapore: 201836911Z, hereafter referred as ‘Company’) values your personal information. We abide by the related laws, and definitions and guidelines of Personal Information Protection to protect your personal information. We have “Privacy Policy” to protect your personal information, rights, and interests, and peacefully process your worries related to the personal information,

1. Collection of Personal Information

1.1 You can use the service provided by us and can receive various services.

1.2 When we collect your personal information, we first notify you and asks for the permission before collecting it. We arrange procedures within the service where you can click ‘I agree’ and ‘I do not agree’ for the terms and conditions and the personal information being collected. When you click ‘I agree’ button, you are considered to have agreed to the collection of the personal information by us.

1.3 The personal information collected is limited to the minimum information necessary for providing the service. Information is collected in two types: necessary information that must be collected for smooth provision of the basic service, and selected information that need to be collected for additional service provided based on your choices. The service is not affected when you do not agree with the collection of selected information.

1.4 We do not collect sensitive information that may violate your rights (race, thoughts, religions, political thoughts, health, etc.). However, when the law requires or allows the process of sensitive information, we will notify that and ask for permission.

1.5 The methods for collecting the personal information are as followed.

  1. Use of service
  2. Participation in online and offline events
  3. Webpage, email, address, fax, and phone number in the process of customer service
  4. Consigner, affiliated companies, and other organizations according to the contents being serviced
  5. Tools that collect generated information when using cellphones and internet service, etc.

1.6 The information listed below may be generated automatically and collected in the processes of using service.

- IP address, cookies, date of visit, records of service usage, records of faulty usage, the information of the devices when using mobile service (OS, models, information of mobile-service companies, hardware ID, advertisement ID, basic statistics on service usage), records of installation and use of applications, records of payment/purchase, etc.

2. The List of Personal Information Collected

The list of personal item collected according to the service provided by us is as followed:

1. Identification or authentication

  1. Name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Contact information(phone number)
  4. Citizen/foreigner
  5. Encrypted identification(CI)
  6. Duplicated registration information(DI)
  7. Email address
  8. Information of the legal guardians, when the user is a minor

2. Payment Service

  1. Account number
  2. Account holder’s name
  3. Bank
  4. Cellphone number
  5. Information of terminal equipment
  6. Mobile-service company
  7. Date of birth
  8. Gender
  9. Payment PIN number

3. Customer Service Center

  1. Customer Center for messenger : Messenger ID
  2. Web Customer Center : Email address
  3. Additional personal information such as name, cellphone number based on the types of inquiry/report

3. Use of Personal Information

3.1 We use your personal information for the following purposes only, and will ask for the permission beforehand when the purposes change.

  1. Identification, confirmation on the will to use service, prevention of illegal use of service, etc.
  2. Identification of the complainer, confirmation of the complaint, contact for investigation and notification of the results, process of inquiries or complaints, delivery of notifications, etc.
  3. Provision of notified service and contents for the users, payment of money for purchase of products, etc.
  4. Development of products such as new products, delivery of latest information such as events, marketing, advertisement, etc.
  5. Analysis of records of service usage and frequency of access, statistics on service usage, provision of custom service, and improvement of service, etc.
  6. Identification, management and improvement of security, and privacy

3.2 We have limited use of your personal information according to the purpose of collection and use, and the terms of use. We immediately destroy the personal information upon the request of the users.

4. Provision and Consignment of Personal Information

4.1 We in principle do not provide personal information of th users to a third party, and only provides personal information to a third party when you legally approve it. We use your personal information in the range it received approval in the time of collection, and do not use or provide personal information to a third party without your approval

4.2 We can consign development and operation of the system or management of the data for provision of service notified to you to a company under consignment with us.

4.3 When we conclude a consignment agreement with a consigning company, we must state the articles on prohibition of personal information outside of purpose of consignment, managerial and technical protection, limitation on outsourcing, management and supervision on consignment company, and responsibilities on compensation for damage, and must supervise whether the consigning company is processing personal information safely.

5. Destruction of Personal Information

5.1 We immediately destroy personal information when it no longer is needed because the period of retaining personal information is over, or the purpose is complete. However, the information needed to be retained due to the related laws is destroyed after storing it for the period designated by the laws.

5.2 When personal information is required to be stored even though the period of retaining personal information is done, or the purpose is completed due to other laws, the designated personal information is stored in a separate database or different place.

5.3 We can separately separate and store your personal information when you do not use the service for 1 year for management.

5.4 The procedures and methods of destroying personal information are as followed.

  1. We select personal information with to be destroyed, and destroys personal information after receiving approval from the person in charge of protecting personal information stored in our company.
  2. We destroy personal information recorded and saved as electronic files in the method impossible for regeneration, and destroys personal information recorded and saved in paper documents by shredding or incinerating the papers.

6. Your Rights and Responsibilities and How to Perform Them

6.1 You can always check and modify your personal information, and can request withdrawal from agreement from collection and use of personal information to us. However, this may lead to prevention of use of some or entire service.

6.2 When we are collecting and using personal information of a minor, or is providing it to a third party, we must receive prior approval from a legal guardian. We use one of the following methods to notify the legal guardian: submission of agreement through sending the notification to the legal guardian via phone, fax, mail, or the minor; connection(hyperlink) with the legal guardian the privacy statement on the mobile app via email, and other rational methods for sending the notification to the legal guardian.

6.3 You or the legal guardian of a minor can always request check, modification, deletion, and pause on process, and we will immediately take measures necessary for the requests.

6.4 You can exercise your rights via mail, phone, email, and fax to us, and we will take immediate measures on them.

6.5 After you request modification or deletion on the errors of personal information, we do not use or provide personal information until modification or deletion is complete. When personal information has already been provided to a third party, we will immediately notify to the party for modification.

6.6 You cannot violate personal information or private life of yourself, or of others processed by us through violating the related laws.

7. Items on Collection, Use, and Refusal of Behavioral Information

7.1 We can collect your behavioral information such as installation, visitation, payment, purchase, and record of use of web service for providing individually customized service.

7.2 Behavioral information is collected in methods permitted such as installation and operation of cookies, tools for collecting created information, and other related regulations and guideline. Behavioral information is stored for 1 year from the date it is collected.

7.3 You can request us to not collect your behavioral information. However, you may have difficulties in using customized service when you refuse the collection of behavioral information.

8. Measures to Secure Safety For Protection of Personal Information

8.1 We use and transfer your information through encrypted information network system, and important information such as password is encrypted.

8.2 We operate the system for processing personal information and workstations by installing systems that can detect and block hackers and newest malware.

8.3 We establish and execute internal management plans on protection of information for safe processing of personal information, and immediately reflect and modify important changes.

8.4 We have the policy of discriminatory granting of access for the system for processing personal information by setting the minimum range required for performance. To establish and execute thorough standards internally, every executive and staff member are receiving regular education on the protection of your personal information.

9. Person in Charge of Protecting Personal Information

9.1 We designated person in charge of protecting personal information to process inquiries and complaints related to the your personal information.

9.2 You can inquire every inquiry and complaints for protecting personal information arising from the use of the service to the person in charge of protecting personal information.

10. Obligations for Notify Before Amendment

We will notify at least 7 days prior to the date of execution through ‘notification’ when there is any addition, deletion, or modification on the contents within the Privacy Statement. However, we will notify at least 30 days prior to making important changes in the contents on the rights or responsibilities of the users.